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DIETMINDER Personal Food & Fitness Journal. A food and fitness diary that works with virtually any diet plan. Easy to use: Roomy fill-in-the-blank … Journal weight loss will be the result Price: $18.95 (as of 02/01/2024 11:44 PST- Details)


Product Description

Diet Minder Personal Food & Fitness Journal.The very best Diet, Fitness, Weight loss Journal on the market!!A food and fitness diary that works with virtually any diet plan.Diet Minder Personal Food & Fitness Journal was designed to help you succeed by focusing on your goals and keeping you on the right track.Easy to use: Roomy fill-in-the-blank format. Coil bound to lay flat.Daily food tracker, meal & snack tracker, calorie tracker, exercise tracker, water tracker, vitamins, and supplement tracker. Before and after photos.Use Diet Minder Journal weight loss will be the results.


“This is the perfect food and fitness journal to own. This food and fitness journal helps me keep track of what I am eating on a daily basis and it also helps me keep track of my daily workout routines. I find that having everything I need to keep track of both my daily food intake and workout routine in one journal is very helpful, easy and keeps me accountable.The journal itself has plenty of writing space so that I will be able to easily log in my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is also plenty of room in the journal for me to log in my workout routines as well.I find if I will be able to in truth see what I have consumed for breakfast and lunch in writing I have a tendency to be mindful of what I prepare for dinner. It makes things so much easier for me to stay on the right track with my diet.This journal is very easy to use and it has a section on explaining how to utilize the journal to its full potential. I use this journal 6 days per week with in the future off as a free day. I highly recommend this journal because I find it to be very helpful too me.”By JT2013

Losing weight is hard. Dieting sucks. I tried food journaling and I loved it. I could eat what I wanted whilst losing weight. With the Diet Minder Personal Food & Fitness Journal, you track what foods you eat and when you exercise. Tracking your food gives you a multitude of statistics to look at and analyze to figure out patterns of bad eating. It helped me realize I used to be eating way too much sugar and that was derailing my weight loss efforts. Tracking kept me in check so I wouldn’t mindlessly eat all day long since I had to track my food afterward. The journal gives motivation quotes and tips on each page, which is very motivating on hard days when you just want to give up. Each week You’ll strive to do better than the last and you track your progress. With the food journal, you are keeping yourself accountable for your actions. Losing weight isn’t easy, but this journal does make it easier and more realistic to do.“By dworb415 from Lockport, LA

“I just received my 1st copy of Dietminder and I absolutely find it irresistible. This is just what I have been looking for. Six months ago I typed up this same format on my home computer, and placed all my paper in an 8 by 11 notebook, but I became frustrated with that b/c it was to big and bulkly. Ever since then I started looking around for a book similar to my home version, but small enough that I will be able to carry it in my purse & bingo I found it.Dietminder has everything it is very important help you keep track of your weight-loss process. You’ll make note of any nutritional and/or dietary supplements you take daily as well as keep track of your calories, sodium, fiber & fat grams etc. It also provides you with a place to record your goals, present weight, physcial activity performance & your before & after photos. I find it irresistible and would definetly get it again, but keep in mind if your not the type of person who is detail oriented when it come to your weight loss process then this journal might not be for you.”BY KGBjt 2023




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