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Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond DVD Price: $24.97 (as of 02/01/2024 12:32 PST- Details)


Shot poolside in beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida, these yoga inspired stretch routines are ideal for those brand new to yoga and offer options for progression. No previous yoga experience required, and no chanting or sanskrit terminology used.

Develop a strong foundation of total body strength, stamina and flexibility with these two complete practices:

AM: Energizing Waft (30 Minutes) – This energizing series is the very best way to start your day, or to spice up your energy anytime. Develop strength and functional flexibility from head to toe with this series of stamina building poses and exercises.

PM: Relaxing Waft (30 Minutes) – Wind down from a hectic day and stretch out stress and soreness with this relaxing series of yoga postures that incorporate a pillow and a beach towel (or yoga strap) to gently lend a hand your body into deeper stretches to assist make stronger range of motion and overall flexibility.

Feel free to alternate between the two practices on a daily basis or add them both into your day by day routine. Listen to your body to find the very best balance for your schedule and needs.

Ready for more? Don’t miss our other workouts! Get a complete fitness plan by combining this program with our two companion DVDs (sold one at a time on Amazon), “Walk On: 15-Minute Fast Fat Blasts” and “Walk On: 21-Day Weight Loss Plan.”



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